Brian and Ryan:

Artist Residency at San Diego Art Institute

Brian and Ryan:

Sports, Games, and Leisure in Balboa Park



Brian & Ryan collaborate on numerous performance and intervention-based works. Their unconventional installations and competition-based performances challenge societal preconceptions of masculinity, identity and athleticism. Both artists work and reside in Southern California. A California native, Ryan Bulis completed his MFA at the University of California Santa Barbara. A California transplant, Brian Black completed his MFA at Northern Illinois University. Ryan brings his deeply contemplative demeanor and ability to over-intellectualize, while Brian brings his cynical humor and uncomfortable tension to the work. However when collaborating, the artists find a way to truly function as one entity.

Tetter Totter

Half-pipe Basketball

Half-pipe Table Tennis

See-Saw Gladiators 

See-Saw Timber Sports 

See-Saw Shuffleboard 

See-Saw Balance 

Half-pipe Lawn Darts