Paul was our first Referee for the performance Basketball Backpacks for Irrational Exhibits 5 at Track 16 in 2007


Ellen was our second Referee for the performance Dirty Balls for Irational Exhibits 6 at Track 16 in 2008


Dan was our third Referee for the performance Basketball Bycicles at Track 16 for ​​Irrational Exhibit 7 in 2009


Efran was our third Referee for the performance Buble Boy Ping Pong at Th e Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego for ​​Here Not There in 2010


Todd was our Referee for the second performance of Bubble Boy Ping Pong at Track 16 in 2011


Ariel is one of the two Referees for the second performance of Basketball Backpack at the CCA Conference in 2013


Austin is the other Referee for the second performance of Basketball Backpack at the CCA Conference in 2013


Logan is our first non Referee offical for any of our compatitions. Having been certifide in Wood Carving, Ax, Saw and Knife  Handling, and ,of course, snipe hunting, we knew Logan would be the ideal choice to oversee and judge our Sew Saw Tiber Sport Lumberjack Compation during the 2016 exhibition Not Quite Nothing at San Diego Art Institute. 

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Special thanks to all the Referees we've had help us over the years

Brian Black and Ryan Bulis have been working collaboratively in Southern California since 2004. This artist team appropriates iconic activities and challenges preconceptions of masculinity, athleticism and identity. Their assisted sculptures are exaggerated archetypes taken from the workplace, sports and pedestrian life. By adjusting the familiar and pushing the level of absurdity in their art making, they invite the audience to reconsider the sanctity and boundaries of the art institution. Their collective work allows their independent objectives and concerns to converge into what has simply become known as Brian & Ryan.