Brian and Ryan: Sound Collection Helmets

Project Description:

The Southern California artist team known as Brian and Ryan are best known for their assisted sculpture and performance artwork. The underlying focus in their work centers on developing layers of conversations both between themselves and the public. For the Noise

Festival, the duo will be roaming Orlando with black helmets equipped to pick up sounds at both long and short ranges. Large receiving dishes attached to the helmets will allow the artists to record conversations, public space, and the general ambient sounds of the city. As the receivers in their helmets collect conversations and record them, other sounds from the city will cross pollinate the recordings and add unexpected layers to the soundtrack. Throughout their stay, Brian and Ryan will upload the recorded conversations and sounds to an online database. These uploads will be made available to the other artists and interested parties to use in their work in any manner they see fit.


Project Proposal:

The work will consist of the artists wearing two black helmets that have large receiving dishes attached to the sides. Inside the dishes, microphones will record a variety of sounds including, but not limited to, people’s outdoor conversations, traffic and nature. The artists will spend most of their time in Orlando roaming the streets and neighborhoods to make these recordings. Throughout the day, they will upload the recordings to a site that can be accessed by aiop staff and participating artists as well as the general public. The purpose of this work is to both invite the public to collaborate with artists’ recordings and serve as an intrusive/subversive means to collect private conversations that occur in public spaces.