Distance Talk Helmets

Performance that took place in New York in 2012 as part of Art in Odd Places show Model. Brian and Ryan walked the streets of New York discussing the sights and sounds of this foreign land through the aid of a modified soup can telephones and suspension tower helmets.

Cross Walk-A-Thon

Performance executed in 2009 on streets of downtown San Diego. Obeying the walk signals, the artists walked the four corners at Market and Fourth Street from dawn until dusk. Brian wore a pristine pair of white walking shoes while Ryan walked barefoot. Each complete lap was marked. At each hour, the walkers stopped to have the bottom of their shoes and feet photo-documented. By dusk, they completed 83 laps.

Performance executed in 2009 on streets of downtown San Diego. The artists cleaned 1-foot by 1-foot sidewalk areas around the downtown area. Areas were taped off and scrubbed thoroughly clean.

Cleaning Square Foot

From parking lot to gallery and back again, Ryan Bulis and Brian Black will help gallery goes to

arrive to Irrational Exhibits 9 in construction-grade style. Their latest collaboration “Wheelbarrow Valet” puts the gallery visitor in the seat of a decked-out wheelbarrow and transports them directly to show.

Wheelbarrow Valet

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