BRY-RIAN Brand Bananas

As part of the Brian and Ryan persona works, the banana stickers play with a familiar image on imported bananas with a small twist. a total of 150 unique designs have been printed as part of this infiltration of everyday ephemera. 

BRY-RIAN Bag Masks

Screen prints created in 2010. Images of Brian and Ryan on brown paper bags complete with cut-out holes for eyes and mouth. The blue printed bags are Ryan and the Red printed bags are Brian. The bags have been used in a variety of events including the 2010 Crosswalk-a-Thon and the 2011 Chain Mail exhibit and most recently in a series of interventions in national city and the pop-up shops in in LA and San Diego.

BRY-RIAN Silhouettes

The Brian and Ryan birthed the persona BRY-RIAN in 2013 with this playful series of photographs. This series launched a toy and game based theme of images in Brian and Ryan’s work that has lasted well over the last decade. These silhouettes gave rise to countless images and objects the duo has made and repurposed thought their career.


Play Thing

Sculpture series produced between 2010 and 2011. The artists used a collection of toys figures and geometric form molds to produce a bank of wax multiples that could be cut up and reconfigured. The objects were passed back and forth between artists, as they made subtle changes, polishing and chasing the wax positives until they both agreed on the finished product. In the end the artists caste the sculptures in a variety of metals including bronze, aluminium, and pewter..

Originally installed in the LUX Art Institute's Education Gallery, A kistchmas speacial is a kitch encrusted installation that combines the holiday tradition deep seated in the mempries of Brian and Ryan. Thousands of orniments, five wall mounted kitschmas tress, five ornement adorned christmas trees, 500 kistchmas cards, eclectic garland, stocking hunf on a massively decorated mantle, ginger bread mutants, and holiday eggnogg. 

A Kistchmas Special


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