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Bubble-Boy Ping-Pong


Performance executed in 2010 for the Here Not There Performance Exhibit, at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego. For three hours Brian and Ryan

faced-off in a ping-pong challenge. The two men and their ping-pong table were be enclosed in a freestanding cylindrical bubble being pumped full of air. Brian and Ryan fought against cross air currents being forced into the bubble and interfering with normal ping-pong play. At the end of the show, Ryan surfaced as the victor.

Basketball Backpacks

Performance executed in 2006 as part of Irrational Exhibits V at Track 16 Gallery in Santa Monica. During this performance, the artists played a modified game of basketball in which each opponent had to shoot at the other’s basketball backpack to score. The artifact from the performance is a series of small Polaroid images that depict the winner and loser of each round.

Bicycle Ball

Performance executed in 2009 as part of the Irrational exhibits VII at Track 16 Gallery. During this performance, the artists road around the gallery on BMX bicycles modified with a basketball backboard and rim on the handlebars. The artists shot balls at each other’s baskets to score. As the piece progressed, they dismounted the bikes and used various implements to shoot and score. 

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